In 5 Years

First of all let me put it out there, I am not a huge fan of romantic novels. I prefer not reading them unless I have to. And by have to, I mean either someone really recommended it to me telling me that I need to read this book or the book is Bookclub’s choice.

And in this case it is the Bookclub’s pick for June. I have seen this book almost everywhere; the hype of it is unreal. Even though I thought I knew what was it about, I was taken by surprise.

It started off really well. In the beginning I was thrilled by how much I was enjoying this read… But that deescalated quickly!! Let me first share with you a brief synopsis about the book then I’ll explain what I liked and did not like about this one.

Here is the synopsis

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Imagine being asked this question in an interview. And because you are an A type person; you’d know your whole plan prior, the kind of person who sets everything up and schedule it all.

This is what happened to Dannie Kohan. A lawyer in Manhattan. After nailing her interview, she got engaged, realizing everything is going according to plan. But no, life doesn’t work that way.
On that same night she falls asleep and have a dream… Or was it just a dream?

Dannie see’s herself 5 years from now, that is 2025. But she is in a different apartment, a different ring on her finger; with a different guy.
Things get very intense with this random stranger; after probably an hour; she falls asleep and wakes up back to today 2020.

Now everything feels weird; was this a vision or was it a just dream? But it felt very real to her. From being a know it all; to total confusion.

Bella her best friend is always on and off with men claiming that she didn’t find the ‘one’.

After four and a half years from being engaged and that strange dream, Dannie decided to go out and meet Bella’s current boyfriend, who ends up being the guy she saw in her ‘dream few years back. Still engaged; she rethinks everything now.

First of all, the overall writing of the story was good. Fast paced;

A lot of people have loved this book. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Please do not be offended or mad on what have to say next.

It may seem that this book is about a love story but it is really not. Which made me like it a bit; It is about the two female characters and their friendship. The love they have for each other as friends..
The writing of the characters, especially the male one’s was completely flat. I couldn’t get attached or relate or even picture any of them.

The whole plot begins to unfold when Bella is falling in love with this guy and asks Dannie and her fiancé to meet him for dinner; and when they meet, To our surprise! He is the same guy from her dreams four years ago.

The thing is when you begin reading the book, it is mentioned that Dannie is crazy about numbers. She is obsessed with making everything on schedule and she has this thing with being on time and all. But that was only in the beginning. I wish the character was like that at least throughout the book. I completely forgot about how specific she was about numbers. Also, I feel there was a lot of monologue between Dannie and herself. Like half way through I completely forgot her fiancé existed…..

I loved the whole jumping/traveling in time; I wish there was more to it. It was only that incident and then there was nothing about it. NOTHING. Like why did it occur to her? What does it mean? I wish she would have discussed it more.

She didn’t even get to tell Bella, her best friend about that guy; It just wasn’t brought up.

I felt it started off well, but then what happened? In a way I feel one of the messages that this book was hoping to deliver; is that no matter how much you plan and schedule and try to create the future you want. Sometime’s things will not go your way; so what are you going to do about it?

The ending was sad. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I really wanted to enjoy and like this book; but that didn’t happen. If you read this one, let me know what is it you liked about it?

By the way, I don’t believe I spoiled anything for you. So in case you were interested. I haven’t burnt anything here just stating things that already were written in the blurb.

Book Details
Author: Rebecca Serle
Pages: 255