Make Today Count

We usually say that life isn’t worth it and how we shouldn’t even bother…
But we totally should!
What is a life if not lived well?
Don’t die before you’re dead right?

The last three chapters of this beautiful book sum up the whole purpose of making today count. We shouldn’t just come to the fact that we’re humans…. We have to decide to turn our humanity switch on. To think about other people and help share the love, care, energy, attention and time with them.

To be generous and giving should be goals in our lives. Giving money, time and energy to people will lead us to focus on people. Grow and help others grow and succeed with you.

“By choosing to embrace and practice good values every day, you choose the higher course in life. And your life goes in a direction that you will always feel good about. You may not always get what you desire, but you will always be the person you desire to be.”

This quote sums up everything I want to say on Values

We live everyday growing older but what is the use if we didn’t mature and expanded our awareness? We need to let go of whats hurting, leave our comfort zones in order to achieve and become who we are supposed to be….. people want to change but nobody wants to take the step to do anything. Some want to be in a better place but aren’t doing anything about where they are now.

You want a good year? You focus on your days; because your days make up your weeks, make up your months; make a year

Bad year? remind yourself of your days 👍

Make today count because you have one life…. don’t waste it.

⁣”I am going to keep a positive attitude and use it to influence others.”

You can’t claim that you want a good, successful life but during the day: all that you do is complain. The way you treat yourself and others; has a huge impact on the quality of your life. It is truly important to realize that our attitude is a choice we make everyday.

“To change our lives, we must first focus on our daily priorities.” From Chapter 2

Who and what are we giving our time mostly to? 

The more we valued our time; the better we prioritized the essentials;  doing the things that have the highest return and spending the time with the people who bring the best in us. 

>>>We shouldn’t prioritize what is already in our plan but to plan and schedule our priorities according to what feels right. Not what is easy or fast.

Creating memories has been my #1 goal. Because later on in life; they are all I have got.
Over the years I have realized that one of the most precious things you could share with someone or give; is your #time.

I lean towards solitary and I find that being alone serves me well. But with time I have realized that surrounding myself with people who genuinely care about me and love me has been empowering in ways I could have never imagined, Family; are those who care about your well-being; support your goals and dreams, encourage you to be better always.
By making my days truly count and valued means giving quality time to my family and making them a priority. 🙏🏽

⁣+Chapter 7 Finances

Even though we are focused on today; We should definitely sacrifice it for more options tomorrow. with that being said, We shouldn’t spend all the money we have on life expenses. We should seriously start thinking more about what we need and why we need it; what we want and is it really useful? We get to go on shopping spree’s and usually get more than what we actually need.

Giving money will teach us gratitude and appreciation for what we have. To be able to help others even with small amounts could truly change the world bit by bit.
The main point is not to live in debt. Do not borrow money and get loans just to ‘live’ as everyone else is living. We are all different and the more you focus on where you are in life and work smart by balancing your expenses; you will live with less pressure than comparing your life to others.

Your decisions in managing your finances today will help better your tomorrows.

+Chapter 8 Faith

God’s plans for me will always be better than what I plan for myself. It was proven to me so many times. Even when I’m out in bad situations there will always be a reason for them; whether I knew the reason or not It does not matter But having faith with good intentions and actions I will live a content life focused on the good and work through the hard.
Life happens for me not to me and this mindset shift has changed and reshaped my life in ways I could not imagine. 🙏🏽

Book Details
Author: John C. Maxwell
Pages: 160