The Cursed Girls

This book HAD potentials…

For some reason I ended up being disappointed and sad because it just kept me saying ‘WTH!’, and, ‘When is this going to be over?’

Usually when reading a thriller/mystery you get sucked in deep not wanting to get back up to the surface. Reading this one had me suffocated half way through.

The Cursed Girls is a psychological thriller told in two different voices, Megan and Carla. Two friends divided by class. In a way you really don’t know which voice you should rely on in telling the story, because a lot of the times there are two point of views on the same situations….
I enjoyed how both voices were very distinguished.

It starts off with a prologue, as our protagonist aged four years old specifically on her 4th birthday party in 2004; when something bad happened. This four years old child had witnessed her grandpa’s attempt and success to hang himself from the tree with someone helping him; being pushed over the edge by someone who we don’t know. Or did this really happen?

As children we get to see things and translate them in our minds in a way that is easy for us to cope with. Sometime’s we shut memories down just because accepting those memories would break us apart.
Keeping those memories tucked away in our minds, thinking that they cannot effect us; would probably be a lie. The majority of things that happened in our lives have turned us into who we are today; whether we decided to act upon it or not.

Fast forward to 2019. As chapter one started with Megan Melvick is returning home after a three-year absence to visit her dying sister, Melissa. Some memories started coming back. A lot of things had happened in her family estate. Some she remembers, other things she had forgotten, and there are few memories were shut down by her mind because she couldn’t cope with them. The last word her sister said before she pass away was ‘sorry’..

You get to know from the beginning that Megan likes her ‘soundless world’. (She’s deaf). Don’t worry you will find out why she became deaf..

The focus now is all about her sister’s wedding night, because that’s when the major trauma happened. What did happen on her sister’s wedding day five years ago? Who died that night? Why did her mother leave them and go without a word said? Who is Megan trying to forget? Many things start to unravel as you read this story.

In my own humble opinion, all what I can say is that I honestly figured by reading this book is that:

1: I don’t like being told everything. (Leave something for the reader’s imagination.(Too detailed)
2: The plot was everywhere. I cannot get attached to characters or enjoy a book that wasn’t focusing on one thing at a time.
***There was the dead body/The missing mom/Megan and her psychological issues/Melissa the bully and her anorexia… but when did this even happen? And yes we have Carla the abused friend..and that’s why all of her bad behavior was surfacing… Yet, nobody noticed.

I wasn’t taken by surprise when the plot twist was given. Don’t get me wrong It wasn’t that I expected it; but at the time things started to unravel; I wasn’t into the story as a whole; as I just wanted it to end.

We cannot say all those negative things without at least mentioning some good stuff. I usually wouldn’t bother or waste time in reading something that I was not interested in. So, for some reason as much as I wanted to be done with the book; something kept me going.
I’d probably put it on the two narrators. Having two voices sharing the story back to back; made me want to know more. The writing of those two different voices was actually excellent. I could definitely differentiate them both as their personality are most likely the opposite.

I love reading stories about dysfunctional families and dark secrets. And this one had both. A little bit more about friendship and it’s impact on us.

If you enjoy a mystery and the question “Who did it?” You might enjoy this one.

Book Details
Author: Caro Ramsay
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Kindle Edition: 249 Pages